Post 1: I’m Done…

I’m done…

I’m done… living a mindless life. I’m done… living a normal life same as everybody else which is wake up, go to work 8-6, come home eat dinner, sleep, and repeat. I know.. this is pretty much a good “Stable Lifestyle”, no worries about anything because all my expenses are perfectly cover by my income. Buy all necessities as I please, as long as it’s fitting within my budget. I’m doing OK for myself, no need to worry about anybody else.

But…. the idea of living like this for the rest of my life is extremely SICK!

Post 1: I’m Done…

Therefore, I’m done with this. I wanted a meaningful life. An impactful one. It’s all happened so fast! Let me tell you a bit HOW I got the idea and WHY.

Sometime during 2020, I came across this interesting video that talks Inspiration. The main idea is Lone Wolf, Lone Wolf is the toughest one once the wolf is really really “Alone”. When he (Lone Wolf) doesn’t have his pack by his side to help him out in hunting, sensing the danger from all direction, or protecting him.

This is very uncommon thing, because we all know that wolf doesn’t hunt alone, they are the creature of groups. They will always goes together, hunt together, eat together (usually head of the group eat first, then what was left is passing down to sub head and so downward so on..)

However, this concept is challenging the idea that the greatness doesn’t always comes from the things that everybody else does or not always requires the mass of human resources to achieve. It’s not wrong if you are thinking differently. Operate differently. Dream differently. Afterall, we as a human we need to find our own purpose, the idea that one methodology is working for all is “madness”. Since, we all are different.

I was doing house chore things while listening to this Video, when the video came to the part “The hardest walk, is that walk that you make alone. But, it’s the walk that build your character the most… Don’t low your expectation to fit with the world, you are born to lead, so lead the path. They say that the wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill. Always be that wolf. Always hungry for more, always looking for the next feast. The feast of success…

For some unexplained reason, the words got me stopped at what I was doing. I thought to myself, wow… isn’t this what we as a human all looking for?

Here is the link to this amazing video:

We all born from a different background, different environment, different cultures, different location, and many other different aspects. Some good, some not so…

But there is this ONE thing that we all share in COMMON. That is..

We all DREAMS for a BETTER

In life, we all trying to become the better version of ourselves regardless of our background, regardless of current situation we all have our own struggles, fighting our own enemies, which is Self-doubt.

While contemplating my thoughts on all of this, I recalling my memories back to when I first graduated, I was full on power, I believe so dearly that nothing can take me down, I can do whatever I wanted, I’m gonna make a different, doing my own things and create positive impact. Noone can stop me (I agreed, I was high on delusion).

Then the reality hit me hard, really hard like a high voltages electrical line that shock the curious bird. I realized, in order to make a different and build the organization that I wanted, It’s takes a lot of effort and time. The road is so dark (unlight) filled with things I never knew existed before. Preys, predators, danger. You know what’s the best part??

There is no shortcut or the other turn where I can make my way around it (detour). This is one way road. It’s binary. I either confront it by going forward or I just head back the same road I came from.

Then I looked around at the people whom actually achieving great height, they’ve all passed through this same obstacle in their own way. In order to receive greatness, we have to do the works that it’s required.

Now, I’m aiming at creating my own company that treat people the Right Way internally and externally. The cleanest model, where corruption is not accepting. The one company that can be the real example of greatness in this world. Everyone in the company contributing to giving back to society, not just about profit gain and numbers. Acknowledging great talent regardless of where the idea came from. One can be a cleaner the first year, then become a leader in his/her own team with his/her very own project, as long as she/he believe in doing great thing that give real values to user/consumer, and improving oneself for a better. You are welcome here.

In order to do that, I must know my own spot. And the spot that I’m currently standing in is a 26 years old kid, with bachelor degree and one year working experience.

I decided it would be exciting to capture everything that happening now (in LIVE), to see how a kid like me with a crazy big dream, with an unfinished plan, got no ideas of How-to really achieve it, knows no one, with zero investment, relying solely in “believe” can actually achieving the greatest.

I’m not sure if I can achieve this life time goal or not, maybe it will take me longer than 10 years, 20 years, or 30. I truly don’t know how this will turns out, I have only this believe in this saying “by providing good values and unharmful to others, any objectives shall be concurred” (it’s a Buddhism saying which I forgot where it came from).

But, I’m sure of one thing. If I can do this starting from the point of ZERO, there is no reason for anyone at the point of 1, 2, 45, 60, 80, heck even 0 can’t do it. I want my work to be a subject of experimentation for you:

  1. If I can’t make it, using my methodology, now you know that it’s doesn’t work, I’ve tested it out so you don’t have to waste your time.
  2. If I can make it, then you now know what possible and create your own impact.

I’m naming this blog “01Wolf” after that great video I mentioned above (such a great one, you should watch it). The reason is simple, just like those words in the video “The Wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the Wolf Climbing the hill”.

Thanks for the time you invested in reading this, and welcome to the journey. I will update you all soon about what I’m planning to do to achieve my crazy goal.


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