Post 2: My plan and Where I’m at

Post 2: My plan and Where I’m at

01Wolf, this blog is created based on the idea of becoming better step by step. In sense of becoming better for me, is the process of building this great organization in my dream, where people with great talent come together and working hard for a common great goal. And that is: Helping society become better by Intellectual Properties. I’m not saying this because is sounds cool. But, I’m actually have things planned out to make it a reality. Here is my plan:

  1. Recruit business partner
  2. Create product (Intellectual)
  3. Proof of real values (Does people actually benefit from what we are doing or not? Are they willing to pay for it?)
  4. Get investor (not just every dude with money though, but the one that actually believing in the Vision of doing great thing, create positive impact, and of course anti-corruption) meaning if you corrupted your way to wealth, I won’t let you invest in my company regardless amount of your proposal. Get the hell away from me!
  5. Build the HQ
  6. Expand

Up to this point, you might be asking yourself “why the hell is this guy giving away all of this? Isn’t he worry about competition? Shouldn’t he be embarrassed if he fails?”.

The answer is…

“I don’t care”. I don’t care what you think of me. I have my goals written out clearly, and I believe with every fiber of my soul that this is the right thing to do. Even if there is 100 people or 10 people benefit from this, I still be able to contribute to building a better society and a better the world. You either join me or you don’t. I have no intention to push you, my time is worth more than pushing you to do things that you don’t want.

If you can succeed with this idea. I am grateful for you. It’s not the question of who making it, but it’s a question how FAST can we make this reality. So that, no more people have to suffer in poverty. I just want a better living condition for everyone, that’s it. It’s a WIN for me, if someone can execute it better than me. We are on the ship to that very same destination.

This blog is created to keep record of my own journey from the point of ZERO with limited resource that I have now, utilize it on the maximum scale going toward my dream destination. Exploring and testing what I might be doing wrong, learning from it, improve and make it better.

As of today August 2021, we are on the 2nd part of my plan, which is to Create a Product. We are working on creating our first Intellectual Product in business communication industry.

Yes, I had already achieved the 1st part of Recruit a business partner. 1 from my college and the other is his friend. Together, 3 of us on this.


I think it’s better for you if I tell you the whole thing of how it all began. Ok, I will do that in the next couple posts. So, you can get a better picture of the whole stories and what suggestion you can share and contribute (building this organization).

Ohh… One last thing, I intended to kept my identity hidden, since I don’t want you to think that this journey is possible only because of who I am with a powerful people around me, family name, and blar blar. This is real thing man! I’m doing this from ground ZERO, with strong intension to stay clean (Anti-corruption).

Thanks for your support in reading,

I apologized for the inorganized flow,

01Wolf go!

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