Post 4: Zero to ONE


Boy! that night, I did not sleep at all until super late.

Everything seems clear now, there is no way I can do this, I just set myself up to another failure story and embarrass myself, that’s all. I began to type the cancelation message on my phone to J, saying “I’m sorry brother, I don’t think I can come to the School Opening Day. My boss needed me for a business trip which include visiting our biggest customer, and provide training for their personnel.”

My right thump is hovering over the button, ready to hit send. As always, I do a proofread before sending…

Everything is ready…

The thinking of me making an excuse came up, I saw myself back in those days where every time I was about to participate in anything difficult or slightly uncomfortable.. I always said “No”… Then I also remember myself being cut-offed just because of this thing called FEAR. I asked myself “Is this just another No?”, “What’s really keeping me from doing this?”, “am I gonna let this FEAR thing winning over me again?”, “Does keeping on running away from FEAR is the right solution?”, “When will I ever have a FEAR free moment”, “Does the successful people that I look up to facing this too? What did they do? Did they choose to run away from it?”

Yea. Steves would never run away from it. (Steves Jobs, the Founder of Apple is my personal role model on business communication, marketing, advertising, and inspiration)

At last, I decided to confront my FEAR. Which is the fear of embarrassment and failure. I said, “Fuck it! Let’s go with this!”. I closed Whatsapp, locked my phone and put it away, and went to bed.

Day 2 (5 Days to go): The next day, thoughts of accepting this challenge followed me everywhere like a good old friend “shadow”, breakfast, at work, lunch, holding break paddle in traffic lights on the way home. I started work on planning, read stuff on how to over fear from internet. SHITT!

[A quick tip for you guys, if you are in fear of something. NEVER! EVER! read things about “How to Overcome Fear” while you are doing things like this. What you will get is just another chapter of new aspects of FEAR from internet experts. As a result, you will become even more fearful!]

I did that in the first night right after I accepted to do School Opening Event. Yep. Another night that I’ve wasted without really working on anything.

Day 3 (4days to go): This day I finally stopped worrying and really locked myself out, with just a pencil and papers. I’ve re-programming my brain and believe to see things from the point of ZERO, leaving everything I thought I knew about myself and the world, then picturing out everything in my mind about what I would like to see happening in front of me. It was devastating! But, I finally get things done. I can better see a rough picture of how I want to run this 30minutes speech. Also, discovered what I have at hand was just principles which I myself just began to apply, even though those are great principles from Business Marketing books and Self-improvement books, I didn’t have the materialistic proof. Therefore, my audience as these teens kids probably would not listen, and definitely won’t get any message out of this.

I came to decision that; I need a proof of the concept. And that proof MUST be someone who successful in terms of achieving great goals whether it be, financial, family, living a reality of their dream, successful in life overall.

Now, things is so much clearer. I see my newly set objective crystal clear, and I saw what are the blockings my way. I need to find that person to share the stage with me. And the best person to do that should be CEO of a successful company. So, I began my journey to find the right person by….

[You won’t believe this, guys!… Actually, I don’t care, if you don’t believe me… because this is the truth]

I began knocking companies’ doors. I don’t even know what to say to them. Hahaha, typing this again just brought me back to that one moment, the first company I went to was actually the competitor of the current company that I was working for at the time hahaha. I know! That’s how moron I was.

I remembered, leaving my office at 3:01pm then walked across and entered this company. This company’s reception is further inside the building, and before that reception there was 2 security doors that operate automatically by key card. I’m sure you knew what’s happened next. I can’t get in because obviously I’m not the employee, I don’t have key card. I must look like a burglar trying to get in hahaha I knocked and tried pushing button numbers of times.

[Hahaha typing this realized I was so dumb hahaha]

20 minutes passed and no signs of living human at all. So, I decided to head back.

I thought to myself, I acted like a true idiot. Then, I mumbled “What’s wrong with them why isn’t there anyone in the company, and why there is no one entering or exiting at all? There are so many cars in parking lot though, are they sleeping in there? Is there a dormitory or something? Are there working that hard to not leaving the company??”

I continued, “Ah… HA! That’s it. I have to catch them when they are going home. Off the working hours! Even the CEO need to go back home any how right?” I decided to returned by 5:00PM.

Clock hit 5:01PM, I was out walking head high like a man discovered a breakthrough technology (or some what at that level) heading directly to that company. As the entrance appeared I smiled, people were rushing out the door about to get home like they normally do. I approach them while smiling and said, “Sa bai dee” (Greeting word in Laos, same as HELLO). The personnel answered back with friendly expression “Sa bai dee”.

Me: (Silent)

The Receptionist rephrased again “Sa bai dee??”

[Right, I forgot how to begin]

I mumbled out, “I’m here to see Marketing Officer” (I was too excited, words are not coming out properly)

Receptionist: “Just for a moment”, and then she left into the main office I assumed.

[Hell yeah!! It’s works Ha!]

Marketing Officer appeared, then he led me to small living room. We took a seat, then he questioned me how can he help.

I don’t know what to say, but began anyway: “I hear many great stories that your company does a lot of great works for society, building school and donation, I was wondering if your CEO would interest in Educating kids??”

Marketing Officer looked at me puzzled, said: “We never build any school in Laos…”

[SHIT!!! Lesson 1 dude: Do your research before approaching! At least get some facts rights. Jessus!]

I presumed I might have looked so paled, and expressed my disappointment out too clearly. He said, “But we do participate in couples’ donations, can you explain further What do you mean by Educating Kids??”

Now, I just explained how I really feels about this new generation wasted their time by wondering mindlessly.

I said, “Yea.. I’m planning this School Opening Events where I don’t want this to be like a regular routine event, I want to leave kids with some thoughts of how important education really is, and how education can help them achieve their goal… I meant, seriously, can you refer back to when you were at school, does anyone ever tell you that education can help pursue your passion in Marketing and actually achieving it??”

He mumbled, “Right… No one..”

I continued, “Exactly! Now, what I discovered here is Principles. I want your CEO to be the living proof, and help me express the significant of this message, The event is 26th August. Next week. What do you think?”

He asked, “Are you organizing this event on behalf of the company you work for?”

I answered, “No Sir, this is my own personal thing. It’s the thing that I’m passion about, I want kids to know this because back then I didn’t know how important education really is, until I graduated. So, this is just an early warning signals for our future leaders. I won’t be able to give you monetary benefit like others event that your team went to. I just have this opportunity for you and your CEO to make an impact. in small way, but meaningful one.”

He replied, “I got your point… What a great idea! Our CEO really love doing these kind of things…”


He continued, “The only thing is that he is not here in Laos, still on business trips in Bangkok, he won’t be back until next month…”

[NO!!! NO!!! Noooooo!! Hell….no…☹]

I don’t know what to do, I thought I finally found hope… but then, it’s still far… far away…

I answered, “ohh.. i see…” then I realized this company is the one who help international business to open/set up their operation in Laos, I said, “Your company have number businesses in Laos right? Can you pass on my message to the CEO in one of those company here???”

He said, “Right, there is one CEO under our business really love doing these kinds of things (Automobile industry). Let me give you his personal assistant phone number.”

[HA! At last!]

I got the number, came back to my office. Cool down a bit. Later, I actually wrote down things that I have to say, making sure that the person who hearing this for the first time can understand what my objective is and how he/she can be involve, and what benefit they will get from this.

Once practice this, I made a phone call. This time I go on with how I’ve planned. They said “YES”.

[Hell Yea, baby!]

Day 4 (3 days to go), I began my days with early morning workout, happily enjoyed my breakfast, sang a song while driving, in really good mood, knowing my biggest problem has been resolved.

Even so, but me being me I always like to make things happened in a big way or an overly big dream guy, I thought why having just one CEO? What if I have 2? How crazy would that be?? Yea, let’s go for more. I tried knocking another 7 companies. By noon, another one of them said “YES”. And willing to share his personal Whatsapp number with me, which is pretty rare according to his personal assistant. Not bad huh??

[I believe the key things worth mentioned here is that “Practice can make major changes”, I strongly believe that the only reasons why another CEO say yes to my request is because I’ve been practicing how I presentation many many times, and all of that hard works became fruitful.]

Day 5 (2 days to go), I was doing perfectly great. No worries at all. I’ve plan that I will be the one who began the speech and no longer than 10minutes. Later introducing 1st CEO with his 15minutes speech and finally another one with his 15minutes. Then we are done.

I proceed on with my regular office work, scoring every point on all my projects everything looking great.

Noon arrived; I went out for lunch. I was enjoying my favorite dishes “Kao Phut Tha le” (Fried Rice with Seafood), my phone buzzed. I received a message from the Second CEO that said yes. He said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t join you”.

[Wait… What!!!????]

I left my lunch half-eaten and paid, then called him immediately.

Regardless of what I said… he just explained that he couldn’t do this… I got no choice, but have to thank him for spared some of his time for a kid like me. I still have 1 guest anyhow. (I’m so glad, I did ask more than one)

I came back to the office and continued my day with meetings and presentations as usual. My phone was always on Airplane mode while working. I didn’t get a chance to check my phone at all until 4:12pm, I turned OFF the Airplane mode just to view some Facebook feed for something fun during my coffee break.

I got 2 missed calls on Whatsapp..

It was the first CEO assistant who said yes, followed with her message requesting me to call back as soon as I got time.

I called. And yet.

Sadly, the first CEO also canceled to come……




At this point, I knew instantly I was FUCKED!

I don’t know what to do….

My phone buzzed, I unlock the screen in hurried, with the thought that one of companies that I talked to before made up their mind and willing to join.

It’s was my boss. he said, “Today, can you stay a little longer. I want you to help me in meeting with one potential business partner? We have new project coming up and will be present to him, we need someone who can present things in English, because our guest is from Malaysia. 5 of us in this project only specialized in Japanese, so come help us.” 

I can’t really say No, so I just made myself present and helped him out.

To be continue..

Sorry guys, it’s has been a long post. I figure you guys needed some break, because what’s coming up next is another long one. Thanks for your support!

I believe the key thing that you can get out of this post is; It’s doesn’t matter WHEN you start, there is no such thing as too late. As long as you take that terrifying action, your journey begins. Even if you encountered failures along the way, it’s still worth going for. Because only then, you will surely discover something new about yourself. Discovering what kind of person, you really are, a Looser or something else. More importantly, WHAT WOULD YOU DO NEXT?

Keep on climbing!


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